Stop the War on Children.


Right now, in warzones across the world, children are living through unspeakable horrors with devastating and life-changing consequences. Children like those we know and love.


Bombed, shot, starved, raped. Left with no escape from violence: in their homes, in the street, even when they’re at school. There is a War on Children.

Boy and girl

1 in 6 children in today’s world lives in a conflict zone and children are more at risk of harm today than at any time in the last 20 years.

Refugee boy with a hat

These children are in desperate need of care and protection, and have to live with the trauma of having seen things no child ever should.

Together we can stop this.

Every one of us – from citizens and community leaders to military commanders and heads of state.

We must respect the idea that children should always be off-limits in war.

Every child deserves a future, and we stand alongside them, especially in the chaos of war. There isn’t a moment to lose. Please help stop the war on children.

Two children playing.

We’re calling on world leaders to do more.

We are demanding that children caught up in war are given three things: safety, justice and the practical help they need to stay safe or recover. This means that governments must stop selling arms used to target children. They can hold perpetrators of war crimes against children to account so that children can get justice. And together, we can help children harmed by war get the practical help they need for recovery and rehabilitation.


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We must stop the war on children. Individually and collectively, we are committed to working for a world in which:

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