Watch now as Emma gets ready to go back to school - but is haunted by her imagination of war.


This back-to-school season, many kids are packing backpacks, lunchboxes and school uniforms, as they get ready for school every morning. However, not all children are so lucky - parents in war zones might well be frantically searching instead for items like safety helmets, first-aid kits and bandages.

Growing up as a child in conflict can be terrifying, as Emma – the child in our new campaign video – understands all too well. Whilst Emma’s story is just that – a story to show us what it’s like to grow up in conflict. For millions of children, the effects of war are far from fiction: they are all too real. Too many children are growing up suffering shock, exhaustion and severe stress that can have life changing consequences. There isn’t anywhere they feel safe. Not at home. Not at school.

Bombed, shot at, starved and traumatized. Left with no escape from violence in their homes, in the street, even when they’re going to school. These traumatic experiences can leave invisible wounds that you cannot see. This is a war on children – a war that must be stopped. We can make a difference. With the right help, children can make remarkable recoveries. With the right action, we can stop the harm happening in the first place.

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